Results operates in a unique manner. When an agreement is made to work together, Results and its client both sign a Confidentiality/Non-Compete Agreement. This agreement spells out all terms and conditions of the relationship, including industry category exclusivity (we won't work with a competitor) and confidentiality terms.

Each employee at Results also signs a Confidentiality agreement with Results. This assures Results clients that all employees understand how sensitive client information is, and that they agree they will be terminated if they breach this trust.

Once the agreement is signed, clients receive a comprehensive market planning guide. This guide serves as the core of the next few weeks' of information-gathering and analysis. Typically, Results leads the new client through this process, working hand-in-hand with the appropriate marketing and executive personnel to gather, discuss and analyze current situations and future opportunities. A singular, measurable goal will be established that reflects what the company most hopes to achieve in the coming year. In the majority of cases, this goal is a financial gross sales goal. Strategies on how to reach that goal will also be developed. Outside research may or may not be involved, depending upon the information needs and availability.

This exchange is at the very heart of what Results' expertise is all about.

At this point, Results will author a comprehensive strategic plan. It consists of goals, strategies and tactics, including what, where, when, how, who, why and how much money for every specific tactic for the coming year. More importantly, it will cover both sales and marketing.

The plan reveals precisely every step needed to reach the client's goal. If the client approves the plan, Results offers a pay-for-performance agreement that ties its reimbursement to the percentage of the goal achieved. Clients may accept or reject this offer.

Once the plan is approved, Results begin to execute the work. All strategy and creative concepts are developed at Results, and the details of these concepts may be executed internally or through Results network of nationwide expert resources.

This unique method of "staffing" and executing work gains outstanding work for the client. Results believes it only makes sense to have an expert in finance write copy for the introduction of a new saving account product, an expert in television production actually produce tv spots, an expert in printing actually help the agency plan how to best produce the thousands of brochures.

We have media planners in Davenport, Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago, copywriters in Kansas City and Davenport, printers from throughout the Midwest, etc. These national alliances allow our clients to get the best work we know how to produce from experts in their fields while also making sure it meets or exceeds Results' demands for achieving the pre-determined results.

Every piece of creative work is assigned using a Creative Input Sheet that determines all of the critical pieces of input relevant to that particular piece, including such items as Audience, Demographics, Expected Result, and so forth. This allows our allied employees to pick up quickly on what the responsibility is.

When the work is completed to Results owners' satisfaction, it is prepared for presentation to the client. The presentation is preceded by an explanation of the strategic thoughts that went into the creative development.

Upon client approval, the work is moved through Results' computerized traffic system to the production department, where final quotes from numerous competitive vendors and suppliers are obtained. These are then presented to the client for final budget approval, and the job is completed.

A couple of noteworthy footnotes: no job is started without an end-date and no monies are spent without client approval. If clients make changes that will affect quality, service, turntime or budget, they are informed of such. After all, no one likes surprises.

Results' inner operations are fast, effective and efficient. Its core group of employees oversee all critical aspects of every job, and it has built a rapport and knowledge base with its allied sources that allows Results to offer some of the best expertise in the country on an as-needed basis. This gives clients expertise they can't get at other agencies and it saves them the overhead of paying for resources they may seldom need.