Dave Aeschliman

As a child:
I grew up on a farm in a very innocent age. Attended the last country school in Kansas where six grades were all taught by one teacher, who taught all subjects.

What he does:
Strategic planner that aligns customers with what companies sell, and companies with what people buy.

Making businesses grow. Face-to-face selling. They come pretty naturally to me. I don’t know why.

Growth opportunity:
I’m very poor at accepting less than excellent, including work from those around me. Unfortunately, those folks pay the price for my expectations. I can’t count how many times I wish I was more patient when errors are made.

Stress reliever:
Physical, outdoor things like working on my farm, digging postholes, putting in fence, building the log home, cutting firewood, doing chores...anything but mental work. Also watching a fireplace while snuggled next to my wife during a blizzard. A quiet walk on a country road at 10 p.m.

Suits by day. Moccasins by night. 12-year-old cowboy boots by weekend.

Life housekeeping:
I spent 40 years gathering things around me. I’m spending the next 40 getting rid of them. Wait a minute...except my wife, my dog and my cat. I don’t want any of three of them to read this and get upset.

I want people to know me as a man of principle and integrity; one who didn’t lie to them. One who stood quite firmly by his beliefs without regard to politics. So many people say ‘stand by your beliefs’ or ‘I’m a person of principle’and then cower in the corner. What’s that mean?

Our strengths are also our weaknesses. Everything on Earth happens for a reason we on Earth may not totally comprehend. Laugh, love, live, be loyal as if there is no tomorrow.