Laura Ahlstrand

As a child:
My family moved a number of times when I was younger. We lived in Iowa, Texas, and Arizona, before finally returning to Iowa over 10 years ago. This helped me adjust to changes in my life. I spent most of my days as a kid riding bikes with friends or playing whatever games my older brother and sister instructed me to play.

What she does:
I see to it that the work gets work. At home, I love to make scrapbooks, read, cook and watch movies. I also love to travel and have new experiences with cultures and surroundings.

I am a very hard-working, motivated individual. When it comes to people, I’m very compassionate and understanding.

Growth Opportunities:
Experience. I have a lot to learn in both business and marketing. I’ll have a number of mistakes to make as I improve. Making those once should allow me to foresee them before I make them again.

Stress Reliever:
I work out every morning before work. I also depend on my family and friends as a support structure.

Jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt.

Life housekeeping:

My family always comes first. They’ve always been there and always will be. I spend a lot of time on the phone with friends and family to stay in touch.


I long to live closer to both my brother and his wife in North Carolina, and my sister and her husband in California. (Whaddya mean, that’s’re kidding). I also want to make others happy while living a satisfying life with my soon-to-be husband.

People shouldn’t complain if they’re doing nothing to change the situation. Fight hard for those things in which you believe.