Jake Jacks

As a child:
Taught by my father the value of working for what you want. As the youngest of nine children, you learn to get along with others early.

What he does:
Oversee all strategic creative development of our clients’ work.

Thirty-plus years of street smarts, yet I listen, and seem to learnsomething new every day from our clients and suppliers.

Growth opportunity:
Keep looking for a better way to solve the problem.

Stress reliever:
Being with my loving wife is my sanctuary. Enjoy spending time with our daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons. Fishing, golfing and watching college wrestling.

The person who invented the tie should have been hung with it. If you find him, let me know.

Life housekeeping:
Keep your friends close to you and keep your enemies closer.

Take care of my family, and have fun along the way.

Love your God. Love your family. Love your work.