Chris Niemeier

As a child:
Spent most of my life in small towns and on the farm, which helped me develop an active imagination. Every day I wasn’t in school, I was on some kind of adventure, riding my bike around town with my friends or roaming the woods.

What he does:
Production manager in charge of seeing that all creative work gets produced...and who produces it.

Work ethic. Ability to not retain stress. Never afraid to tear something apart to see how it works (even if there are a few spare parts left after reassembly). Extremely open to learning new technologies and ways of doing things.

Growth opportunity:
Communication abilities. I have an easy time understanding how things work, but a hard time explaining to others how to describe to them what I know that I want them to know stuff that I knew they....see my point?

Stress reliever:
Hunting, fishing, camping or doing anything outdoors. Also playing with “Baby”, my Black Lab, and getting her all wound up.

Camouflage. Archery equipment. Ted Nugent is my clothing designer.

Life housekeeping:
Collects antique cameras. Has a large collection of diecast NASCAR collectibles (90% Dale Earnhardt).

Aspire to work up to my abilities, and try to be a positive person so when I go to sleep at night, I won’t have any regrets.

I believe in treating everyone fairly and honestly. Learn from mistakes. You can’t go back and undo it, so you may as well learn something from it.