Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Management

Results' forte is comprehensive analysis and development of the growth areas of a business; sales and marketing. Results works with key management to analyze all aspects of sales, from the type of sales force to the skill level to performance compensation to territory size to job descriptions.... We also do the same with marketing opportunities, ranging from competitive positions held, strength analysis, marketplace branding, expenditure levels, media mix, sales support tools and use....

We then develop a comprehensive strategic plan encompassing every single item that we think needs to be undertaken to achieve a pre-determined goal. This plan will spell out what, when, who, where, why, how and how much money.

If our working relationship conditions are met, we then offer to be paid for our performance toward that goal. The acceptance of that offer assures our clients that we only recommend what we believe will work...without any overkill because we're tied to the budget and performance of our recommendations. We then execute the plan with the client.

If you hire us for our comprehensive sales and marketing expertise, the services are:
  • complete market analysis, including but not limited to position, product mix, pricing, packaging, promotions and people, etc.

  • sales analysis, including but not limited to compensation, education and training, skill sets, sales distribution analysis, customer share, etc.

  • goal and strategy development, including but not limited to growth needs and opportunity identification

  • corporate sales, marketing and communications plans

  • product category development, repositoning and introduction