Sell MoreTM Training Services

One of the most unique aspects of Results is its sales experience, and its ability to relate to a company's sales force. Using experience, humor, pointed stories from the field and analogies, Results conducts powerful and entertaining training programs.

We have six off-the-shelf programs that can be slightly customized, or we specifically write and develop programs to address client-specific needs.

When Results is hired to conduct training services through its Sell More School, the programs and services are:

Existing Courses
  • How People Buy Vs. How People Sell
  • Selling Benefits Vs. Features
  • Using Marketing Tools In The Field
  • Calling on Prospects
  • Seven Steps To Every Purchase
  • Closing the Sale

Motivational Set-up Course
  • Go Ahead, Rock The Boat
Customized Course
  • Results works with you to develop specific course outlines to address specific skill set development and can either teach these courses, or train the trainers to teach them.