Our name reflects our core philosophy.

Most businesses struggle to justify sales and marketing support dollars. Sales are certainly more measurable, but those advertising add-ons, direct mail dollars and billboard budgets...too many executives we've spoken with simply don't understand what role marketing plays, or how to measure it.

We're out to correct that. Here, we believe marketing is genuinely measurable. In fact, we require all of our strategic clients to first set a numerical goal by which they will measure their return on investment in Results.

1,000 new customers. 10% sales growth. Higher average sales. No matter the goal...we begin all efforts with the determination of this significant number. Our second step involves writing strategies, defined at Results as "the answers to the question, 'in general, how will we achieve the goal?'"

The third step entails the writing of a comprehensive strategic plan, encompassing all marketing and sales tactics that will be needed. At Results, we define a tactic as "who, what, why, where, when, how and how much (money)". When this plan is finished, our clients have a comprehensive and integrated sales and marketing plan. When our clients approve this strategic plan, we get down to the business of executing the plan. Results may write a specific sales training program outlined in the plan, or it may be rewriting the compensation of the sales force, or it may be developing new advertising for national trade publications...all driven by the plan.

All in all, Results is strategic first; creative second. We find, and you will too, that a sound creative approach simply "falls out of" sound strategies. You'll understand "creative" like you've never understood it once you experience one of Results' strategic plans.

Perhaps our greatest compliment came from a client when asked what we did for his firm. His reply? "They just grow it every year." That's what we do...we grow businesses.