The dynamic results of combining sales and marketing.

The art, or is it a science, of growing a business is generally assigned to a sales or a marketing department. After all, it is their jobs to grow a business. Unfortunately, we too frequently see sales doing its thing and marketing doing its'er shall the two meet.

At Results, we have expertise in both. And we
know the appropriate role of each. We believe customers must mentally move through seven steps (Our "Seven Steps To Buying" is trademarked and has been written about in marketing magazines) prior to making a purchase. The delicate balance of marketing and sales persuasion work together much more effectively and efficiently to create a purchase than either of them can do alone.

For example, if you're attempting to create awareness (step one, by the way), imagine just having one salesperson trying to do that with no marketing. Knock on a door, create awareness, knock on a door, create, that could take a while.

Another thought. We plan from the customer perspective, working our advice, planning and eventual tactics around their needs. You'll see that in our plans. And you'll see your sales and marketing departments come together to work together for the same purpose...growth.

All in all, Results is strategic first; creative second. We find, and you will too, that a sound creative approach simply "falls out of" sound strategies. You'll understand "creative" like you've never understood it once you experience one of Results' strategic plans.

We've been salespeople. We've been marketers. We've been in charge of both for Fortune 500 companies and ma and pa shops. We share our expertise in how each of these two disciplines can be integrated to create a powerful presence...and get powerful results.