Results deeply believes that when a company such as ours is hired by a client, and asked to prepare advice and conduct creative work on how to grow its business, we owe that client a lot more than advice. We owe it results.

The art, or is it a science, of growing a business is generally assigned to a sales or a marketing department. After all, it is their jobs to grow a business. Unfortunately, we too frequently see sales doing its thing and marketing doing its thing...ne'er shall the two meet.

We find it humorous that some firms (most?) plea with client companies to hire them, plea with client companies to fund them and then, run like crazy from accountability.

We offer a no-nonsense, cost-share, pay-for-performance program that holds us accountable via what you pay us. The agreement essentially works like this: if you establish a measurable goal, hire us to write a comprehensive strategic plan that details every little step and dollar needed to achieve that goal and adopt it, we'll charge you substantially less for our work until we hit the pre-determined goal.

Once that goal is achieved, a bonus performance payout brings our reimbursement up to our normal levels. We offer several levels of risk sharing and reward incentives. You and we can select the one you like best.

As we like to point out, the bonus money is the cheapest money any client gives us because at that point, their corporate goals have been met.