Sounds like a rather odd thing to say that here at Results, we believe every client should receive courage from its marketing firm. But, it's true.

Great results come from courage. Courage begins with acknowledging the political, being sensitive to the business environment, understanding how different positions within a company work together and deciding future business paths and plans in an apolitical manner.

It means having the courage to discover what the marketplace is saying. It means having the courage to analyze the meaning of the marketplace input to the client and its products. It may mean changing a sales force compensation plan, launching a new division, repositioning the position that brought you this far...

No matter what, Results' clients will receive the truth. Without it, neither party will operate very effectively.

Fortunately, that highway runs both ways. Results constantly seeks client input on how it's performing, what it can do better and what it should do more. Then, it listens and acts with courage. It's nice to know you can have a partner that will always tell you the truth