Results is a staffing paradox. It gathers the finest thinkers, analysts, researchers, writers, designers and mass production people and companies in the country and brings their work to bear on your work.

The company's media directors and planners are in Kansas City, Chicago and St. Louis. The company's copywriters are in St. Joseph, MO, New York City and Dallas. The art directors are from Galesburg, IL, Davenport, IA and communities across the Midwest. And so on and so on.

Results believes that its ownership should conduct all strategic moves in its relationships with clients. But, it also believes in-house copywriters, designers and other employees begin to slowly, perhaps even unintentionally, move their work towards what has been accepted in the past. The freshness disappears. The courage dissipates. The crispness wilts. And...let's face it. What are the chances of your marketing firm hiring the best in the country at every position for every client?

One more benefit? You pay only for what you need in the company's established rates, where most firms might hire a...oh, let's say...a broadcast writer, and use him on 22 jobs all year. But, you, the client, get to pay for his overhead in a roundabout way whether you want to or not. He becomes a permanent fixture, and with benefit programs representing about half of a salary anymore, all adds nonsense.