Results strives to maintain a leading-edge mentality with its technology investments. Realizing that many new introductions have a poor performance-to-promise ratio (can anyone relate?), the company constantly monitors product development.

Investments are made that enhance productivity, lower client costs or add convenience for our clients. New investment technology is added at Results on a trial basis, and the performance is evaluated under working conditions and situations.

All of this has allowed Results to:

a) eliminate almost all film and proof costs for its clients in printing and in print advertising

b) move digital files all over the country, including very intensive and demanding four-color ones

c) reduce turntime to market with the clients' work

d) lower cost of production to clients (in a memo announcing price reductions in the fall many companies do that?)

e) allowing off-site, duplicated storage of all client files

f) increase convenience for our clients, while

g) improving the quality of the final job.

On top of that, we have been able to reduce the number of needed employees while working on a same-day basis with our creative people all over the country.

It's an intelligent way to work with clients. Scheduled next? Soft proofing where we send files to your computer, you open them, annotate (edit) them on-screen and return them. This should be followed with live, on-line storage of all client files so clients can go on-line and use any photo or job it needs. Finally, we envision digital trafficking so you can check on the progress of any job at our company. Just a touch of intelligent sophistication.